Beauty Bee Company Limited (BBCL) is the Home of Baby Banda

BBCL is a homegrown ambitious Kenyan company involved in making lives better for Mums, their children and families. We do this by making great products and creating educational forums and channels that empower them to make decisions around their pregnancy journeys and parenthood.

We started out many years ago in mid-2006 when we made our first breastfeeding pillow. We were excited about this but had a lull till 2008 when a lot of things came together! In that year, we unveiled our brand name: BABY BANDA, to identify our products and services and also organized and successfully launched Kenya’s biggest fair dedicated to young parents, moms and babies, THE BABY BANDA PREGNANCY & BABY FAIR, which has hosted several successful events to date.

BABY BANDA today has a variety of products but our greatest joy is derived from walking with you from the time you learn you are pregnant and till your baby is a toddler. We like to share information that will be helpful to you day to day and also answer your questions. You can find this rich information, including commonly asked questions, gathered from years of interacting with women on this platform www.motherhood101.co.ke.

Our products are available in three (3) broad categories:

Pregnancy and Birth
Baby and Toddler

We use quality fabrics and all our pillows are made from 100% polyester fibre, nothing more, nothing less! We manufacture almost all our products locally and we are proudly KENYAN. You can easily identify our products in the marketplace by looking out for the branded labels and brochures placed within the product.

BABY BANDA loves to provide support to mothers and growing families.

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