Labour and birth is the culmination of a period of pregnancy. We hope that our articles will help and guide you through this journey.

Stages Of Labour

Congratulations on carrying your pregnancy to term. Now it’s time to go to the hospital to receive your bundle of joy. You must have...
True and Flase Labor.

True and False Labour

About Delivery

Induction of Labor

Many women do not experience natural labor, so it is normal for them to be induced. However, if this is your first time, it...

After Delivery

The Postpartum Period

The time after you give birth is a time of great emotional upheaval, a mixture of great joy and love yet at the same...


Lifestyle Changes After Delivery

Preparing to go Back to Work?

One of the most traumatising days for me as a mum was when I had to leave my baby for the first time to...


Best breathing exercises to do when in labor

Best breathing exercises to do when in labour

For many pregnant women in Kenya, the thought of going into labour is frightening with a majority getting frightened and panicking when it begins....
Vaginal Birth after C Section

Elective Repeat Cesarean Section (ERCS)

If you have given birth through C-section before, you can plan with your doctor to have the surgery in subsequent deliveries. This is referred...
True and Flase Labor.

True and False Labour

As you approach your due date, you may experience some contractions that are not a sign of labor. We referred to as false labor...
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