Commonly known as the ‘second stage’, the final push that brings forth your baby starts a new chapter in your life as you are finally separated from your baby.  This begins a period of recovery and adjusting to the new change in your life.

Child Birth Preparation .Choosing Where to Deliver / Give Birth

Questions to ask your Childbirth Care Provider

Once you discover that you’re pregnant, the next step is to choose a healthcare provider to walk the journey with you. Now, how do...
Baby after birth

What Happens to Your Baby after Birth?

Most pregnant women only think about labour and birth. However, once your baby is finally born, there are several procedures that are followed soon...

The Delivery Experience

From that first contraction to the final push, here's a summary of what to expect during labour and delivery. Your cervix will open to about...
Eating or drinking during labor

Is eating or drinking during labour safe?

The debate on whether women in labour should be allowed to eat or drink has been going on for many decades. However, in recent...
Vaginal Birth after C Section

Having A Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)?

Yes, you can. Women who have had a baby through caesarian can still deliver naturally. Nevertheless, you need to have a long talk with...
Induction of Labour.Risks and Benefits

Induction of Labor

Many women do not experience natural labor, so it is normal for them to be induced. However, if this is your first time, it...
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