Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC)

Your first baby birth ended in an emergency c-section. Can you later have a vaginal birth? Is it possible? What are the risks? A few years ago it was almost guaranteed that once you had a C-Section, you had to have all your children the same way. However, a lot of progress has been made in this field and it is now possible to consider having a baby vaginally even after a previous C-section.

Vaginal Birth after C Section

Having A Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)?

Yes, you can. Women who have had a baby through caesarian can still deliver naturally. Nevertheless, you need to have a long talk with...
Vaginal Birth after C Section

Risks of Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC)

Asha* (not her real name) was 37 weeks pregnant with her second baby. After a long day at work, she decided to take a...

Getting a ‘Flat’ Belly Again

Your baby finally arrived! However, when you look at yourself in the mirror now, the only thing you see is the protruding belly. You...
Monitoring your Baby’s Health during Labor and Birth

Monitoring your Baby’s Health during Labour and Birth

When you finally go into labour and are admitted to the hospital, your baby will be closely monitored to ensure that they are able...
Vaginal Birth after C Section

Elective Repeat Cesarean Section (ERCS)

If you have given birth through C-section before, you can plan with your doctor to have the surgery in subsequent deliveries. This is referred...
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