Your little one is home and parenting begins. As a parent, you are the most important person in your child’s life. You notice when your baby smiles for the first time, rolls over, sits, walks and begins to talk. These moments mean that your child is learning!

Babies grow and develop quickly during their first year of life – every day is a learning session. Here is a list of some things babies can do by 12 months of age. Remember that every baby is different. Your baby will develop at a rate that is right for him/her.

Risks Of Premature Births

There are several risks that come whenever your baby is born too early.  However good management and intervention given to the mother can lessen...

Bonding With Baby

Is Mother-Child Bonding Automatic After Delivery?

Babies are born ready to bond but that cannot be said of their mums who might experience a combination of feelings after delivery. It...

Taking Care Of Your Newborn

The Colic Massage Routine

This is an easy to follow routine that research shows will provide stimulation of the digestive system (through pressure and stroking) and relief of...

Handling a Newborn



Baby Milestones & Well-Being

How to Clean your Baby’s First Teeth

Baby’s first teeth generally appear any time from around 5 months and 27 months and need to be kept healthy to allow your baby...


Babies With Special Needs

Down Syndrome

The first physician to diagnose and describe this syndrome was known as John Langdon Down and thus the condition was named Down syndrome.  This...


Unsafe Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Baby

As your baby grows, you introduce more solid foods, fruits, and snacks to the diet. Your child is learning to eat, so; the two...

Salt in Baby’s Food

Finger Foods


Nutritional Requirements

Nutritional Requirements

Complementary foods should provide sufficient energy, protein and micronutrients to cover a child's energy and nutrient gaps so that together with breast milk, they...


Dislodge the blockage   • Hold your baby so that he is lying face down along your forearm with his head lower than his bottom...

Infant Eczema

Infant eczema is a topical skin rash, most frequently showing up any time after birth on the face, arms and legs but rarely in...
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