Parenting Your 2 year Old


How can you make the road through toddlerhood less bumpy? Here are a few tips:

• Encourage and allow as much independence as possible whilst still being in control so that you don’t allow your baby to make inappropriate decisions.
• Give alternative solutions e.g. If they insist on taking tea, you can give hot chocolate instead.
• Provide them with chances to practise dressing skills.
• Encourage your baby to play with other children.
• Teach your little one to practise sharing and offer praise when they actually do it.
• Try and explain the emotions of conflict e.g. sadness, anger, frustration, etc.
• Take every opportunity to hold and cuddle with your baby as this reassures them of your love. You can still continue to breastfeed if you like.
• Take time to read and play games with them.
• Give lots of praise for positive behaviours, i.e. “Good Job!”
• Allow your toddler to do things themselves without your help e.g. getting dressed or helping with simple household chores.
• Encourage your toddler to show their emotions; it’s okay to cry and talk about them.
• Move them to a quieter environment when they are. having difficulty coping with all the emotions
• Explain how behaviour can affect others. E.g. “You grabbed that toy from your sister and now she is sad.”
• Help your toddler develop empathy for others by responding to their needs and those of others in a caring, kind, and fair way.
• Give fair warning before interrupting their playtime. E.g. “In 10 minutes it shall be time to take your bath.”
• Play singing and actions games with music.
• Have a discipline plan.