Types of Breastfeeding positions


See the common types of Breastfeeding Positions below:
1. Cradle Hold (This is the most common of positions)

  • Place your baby across your stomach, facing you.Place her head in the
    bend of your elbow, with her mouth in front of your nipple.
  • Tuck her lower arm around your waist, out of the way.

2. Football Hold (Can be used for premature babies or for feeding twins)

  • Place the Baby Banda breastfeeding pillow along your tummy to support your elbow and your baby’s
  • Tuck your baby into the side of your waist, cradled under your arm.
  • Place his head in the palm of your hand, at the level of your breast.
    Support the base of his head between your thumb and forefinger.

3. Cross-cradle Hold

  • Hold your baby across your body, in the arm opposite the breast from which he will be feeding.
  • Your baby’s position is the same as in the “cradle” hold, but you use the other arm to hold him/her
  • Your baby should be at the level of your breast, with his whole body turned toward you.

4. Side-lying Position ( Very useful after a Caesarean Section)

  • Lie on your side, using a pillow to support your head and neck, and another along your back if needed ( You can also use the Baby Banda Lpillow to support you)
  • Lay your baby next to you so that her mouth is opposite your nipple. The Baby Banda Baby set with the pillow and tube back rest would be useful)
  • Support the base of her head between your thumb and forefinger as you latch the baby, once baby is latched properly ensure that the nose is clear and you can relax