Signs That Breastfeeding is Going Well


Your baby is breastfeeding at least 8 times every 24 hours.
You can hear your baby gulping or swallow at feedings.
Once your baby latches on, your nipples do not hurt when your baby nurses.
Your baby is receiving only breast milk.
Count the number of wet diapers your baby has.

Typical patterns for wet diapers are:
1 wet diaper on day one
2 wet diapers on day two
3 wet diapers on day three
4 wet diapers on day four
5 wet diapers on day five
6 wet diapers on day six and from then on.
•    Your baby should also have several stools per day. Stools change from meconium (tarry, sticky, black) to brownish to yellow over the first few days of life. Older babies may void and stool less.    However, the urine should always be a light yellow colour and the stool should be soft.

Check-in with your health provider office or lactation consultant if:
Your baby is having fewer than 4 stool diapers per 24 hours by day 4.
There are any red stains in the diaper after day 3. It can be normal in the first 3 days.
Your baby is still having black tarry bowel movements on day 4.
Your baby is not breastfeeding at least 8 times every 24 hours.
You can’t hear your baby gulping or swallowing, or you can’t tell.
Your nipples hurt during feeding, even after the baby is first latched on.
Your baby does not seem satisfied after most feedings.

Here are some tips on how to breastfeed successfully.