Tips that will help keep your toddler in bed


Although most toddlers can sleep in their own beds, keeping them there the whole night is usually the hard part. It is common to find some parents in Kenya giving in after a few attempts and allowing their children to co-sleep or back into their crib. The main reason for this is the lack of information on effective strategies to ensure they stay in bed.

If you are facing challenges with a toddler that keeps on getting out of bed, here are a number of strategies that you can try out during bedtime.

1. Have a bedtime routine

Toddlers respond to structure as it helps them know what to expect on any given day or night. It is no wonder they respond positively to bedtime routines especially when you are consistent with the routine. Come up with a 15-20 minute routine that includes eating supper, bath time and eventually placing them in their bed.

2. Offer rewards

When starting off with the transition to their bed, toddlers are likely to be resistant while doing their best to cling on to what they consider “normal.” Therefore, to give them an incentive to stay in bed, you can offer a reward in form of a favourite toy or snack that they can play with in the morning.

3. Practice patience

Every toddler warms up to sleeping in their bed at different times making it important to be patient during this transition. You might have to take them back to their bed for the first few times but if you remain firm, they will soon sleep in their bed all night, allowing you to have restful sleep as well.