Common discipline mistakes made by parents of toddlers


Handling toddler behaviour is a concept most parents learn as they raise their own child alone or alongside their siblings. In most cases, their behaviours are similar but can vary depending on a child’s personality thus requiring a customized approach to discipline. Even so, there are some mistakes that parents make when it comes to the disciplining of toddlers resulting in minimal or no impact on their bad behaviour. Here are some of the discipline mistakes often observed in Kenyan parents.

• Inconsistency

Many parents begin by trying to draw a line between good and bad behaviour for their toddlers but give up along the way, leaving them frustrated when they have to start teaching them all over again. Toddlers need structure to help them learn the best way to behave so that they can keep to the rules set by parents. The best way for them to adopt good behaviour is to see their parents being consistent and following through with the actions promised.

• Overreacting

Punishing your toddler for acceptable behaviour may result in fear of trying things out or even getting close to you. It is important to understand the situation before rushing to punish them for behaviour that is common for children their age. Patience is key when dealing with toddlers so as to offer discipline when needed and let them act their age when appropriate.

• Yelling or screaming

Many parents in Kenya will tell agree that they often scream or yell at their toddlers when they do something wrong. However, this usually does not work as they soon go back to their bad behaviour again and again. The best way to correct them is to remain calm, take charge of the situation and guide them on the right thing to do.