Terrible Twos: What to Expect


Many mums in Kenya are warned about “the terrible twos” as their toddler gets closer to that age in a few weeks or months. Most of the stories are usually negative, leaving them afraid of that time in their children’s lives. However, children are not the same and your toddler can end up exhibiting none of the expected behaviour. Even so, here are some things that are commonly mentioned when referring to two-year-olds in Kenya.

Your two year old will embarrass you
At this age, most toddlers are able to express themselves and do not consider their statements. It is common to find them asking awkward questions in public places without a care in the world. However, when taken positively, you will realise that your toddler is being honest in their questions and will likely quiet down when answered appropriately.

Your two year old will always be moody
Although toddlers throw tantrums and may always seem cranky there are always reasons behind their changed mood. The most common reasons are tiredness and hunger which can be avoided with proper planning. To guard against ugly scenes, prepare snacks and carry their favourite toys to help in distracting them. Also, do your best to maintain their routine so that they remain calm, whether at home or outdoors.

Your two year old will make you late

Unexpected behaviour from a toddler can happen at any time of day resulting in your schedule getting derailed. In most cases, it will take time to calm them down so that you can get them ready in good time. To avoid such instances look for any triggers to bad behaviour and nip them in the bud and also plan in advance when going out to avoid unnecessary delays.