Preparing To Breastfeed


Once you discover that you are expecting, you start going for prenatal clinics, shopping for the baby and eating well. Breastfeeding is one of the things you will learn in your antenatal class. However, preparing to breastfeed is as essential as learning how to do it in your birth clinics. So, how do you prepare yourself to nurse your child?

  1. Read a few breastfeeding resources. Many clinics have pamphlets that they give to pregnant ladies. Also, you can find excellent websites that will teach you everything you need to know. Our website has excellent information about Breastfeeding which you can access here.
  2. Consult with a Lactation expert. In Kenyan today, there are several Lactation experts who are willing to teach you and answer every question you have about lactation.
  3. Purchase the equipment supposed to make nursing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. You need the Baby Banda Breastfeeding Pillow for support and a Baby Banda Nursing Cover for privacy. You also need a breast pump for those days you will be forced to leave your child with a caregiver. If you don’t have a fridge to store the pumped milk, you will have to buy one for the days you might leave the baby for long.
  4. Check your nipples. Mothers with flat or inverted nipples need some intervention to help them breastfeed their young ones. If that’s your situation, consult your doctor early enough.
  5. Have a support system of other moms to prepare yourself psychologically for the entire nursing experience. You’ll realize that it’s a process that requires learning and patience. However, don’t take any advice that sounds fishy.
  6. Know when to breastfeed and how often you should do it in a day. Remember, for the first few months; the little one will rely on you for nourishment. Thus, you don’t want to starve your child due to lack of knowledge.
  7. You also get to know the benefits of colostrum, so you will make sure the baby gets it.
  8. Know what to do to have a great milk supply. If you ask mothers around you, you’ll know that enough milk doesn’t come automatically, it is a function of diet, a mothers disposition, positioning and latching amongst other things. You can read more about How to Breastfeed successfully here.

How do you know hospitals that promote breastfeeding?

  • They have a written policy, and all the staff know it.
  • The staff is dedicated to teaching all pregnant women the importance of breastfeeding, and management of breastmilk.
  • The medics always help moms start nursing within the first hour of giving birth.
  • They don’t allow mothers to give their infants any other food apart from breastmilk after birth unless the mom has medical reasons.


As you prepare to breastfeed, you will feel more confident to meet your baby. Many hospitals in Kenya will even have a practice room where you can rehearse how to nurse a baby. Remember that breastmilk is a balanced diet and best food for baby